Count command help

Trying to figure out if it is possible to add in extra information to a $(count) command.

We have a count command (mod only) in which it increase by one when the streamer buys a certain item. The in game value of the item is $250.

Is there way in the same command that the count of the item can increase by one, it will also show how much money the streamer has spent buying that one item.

for example if the count is 2 the dollar amount would show $500, 3 would show $750, etc…



$$(eval $(count)*250)

Very cool. I am having a problem where when I put in !armor it is saying 1 armor totaling $500. I would like it to start with 1 totaling $250

It sounds like you have two $(count) variables in your command response. This will “double count” the counter. Instead use the following command response and modify it to your liking.

$(eval c=$(count);`${c} armor totaling $${c}`)
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Omg it’s beautiful. Any idea how to clear it down to 0, say if we are going to do it monthly? Thank you so much. <3

No problem! Type this to reset the count.

!editcom [command name] -c=0

I made this a moderator and up command. Is there anything I need to add so a lower level user can use the command to see its current count state (without increasing the count)?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to use a command without incrementing count at this time. The only alternative is to have another command which explicitly updates the primary command.

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