Could you please give me the code to achieve these responses?

Hi, I’m moderator in japanese Twitch streamer.
So, my English is bad sorry.

Okey, I want to make acommands that is kill and deth (K/D) counter.
But I can’t make it well, so teach me codes.


“For viewer confirmation”
(name) (code) (response)
!todaykd → today’s kills◉times,deaths▲times,K/D■

“For counting by moderator”
!kill → +1count in ◉
!death → +1count in ▲
■ → ◉ divided by ▲

“For reset”
!todaykdreset → all reset(0)
!killreset → 0 in ◉
!deathreset → 0 in ▲

“For correction”
Same as above.

Could you please give me the code(“→”) to achieve these responses?

Hey @shinshu!

This should help you:

thank you so much, @Emily .

I’m a moderator, not streamer. So I can’t add commands in Dashboard, can only in chat.
Should I give up in this case?

No, you can ask the streamer to add you as a manager of their Nightbot, so you can set up the command for them:

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