Could Nightbot Improve? Your Translation and Functions? :O

Good evening, Team Nightbot.

Personally I would like you to improve both the interface and the translation of this platform.
Lately she is leaving it very forgetful and it is a great recommendation that makes an all the support team Nightbot.
It would be ideal for design change as its translation into Spanish.

It has support for Spanish language.
And greatly improve the interface, in addition to having the best synchronization when loading messages.
Thank you! Team Nightbot! :wink:

Translations are unlikely due to a majority of users being English speakers. It would also require a vast amount of community outsourcing which adds to the difficultly.

Recomiendo ‘Google Translate’ para navegar por el sitio web. Tal vez usted podría conseguir una comunidad juntos para hacer tutoriales en español? Eso sería menos trabajo que una traducción completa, Experto_Tutos.

I recommend ‘Google Translate’ to browse the website. Maybe you could get a community together to do tutorials in Spanish? That would be less work than a complete translation, Experto_Tutos.

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