Cooldown Edit Not Working

I am trying to reduce the cooldown for a command. I am using the

!commands edit -cd=0 !charity

but it continues to tell me that 0 is not a valid cooldown.

@silvaelboriqualining You can set a minimum of 5 seconds of cooldown ONLY.

!editcom -cd=5 !charity


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This is wrong as other channels have a 0 cooldown as the minimum. Are you saying that moderators can only put 5 or higher?

@silvaelboriqualining Oh mate, this is not possible. 5 seconds is the least cool down you can set, no matter what the user level (streamer, moderators) is. Nightbot don’t supports 0 seconds of cool down for any commands.


If you don’t want a cool down… why not just edit the command without it?

!editcom !charity lorem ipsum

Hey @CapnCrunch92!

Adding a command without the cooldown setting will automatically add a 5 seconds cooldown as it can’t go lower.
Editing a command without the cooldown setting will not change the cooldown time for the command, so if you have a 300 seconds cooldown, you may want to lower it to 5 seconds later on.

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