Console Nightbot for Music via CC?

Hey I did a prior search through the archives and didn’t see any answers to my question thus asking now. I apologize if I somehow overlooked the answer I’m searching for. So I would like to use Nightbot to play music while I stream and while I understand that one cannot use Nightbot when streaming directly from console I didn’t see anything about from capture card. I have the El Gato HD60 Pro obviously hooked up to my desktop and through that I will be streaming via Twitch. I was wondering if I would be able to use Nightbot when streaming from console taking this route and if so how? Thank you in advance everyone.

Since your streaming from your PC, your streaming software (OBS for example) can pick up audio from your computer. It’s this method that AutoDJ streams music to your stream, and its usually set up by default for OBS.

Thank you so much! Hell ya, also not close to s important but was just curious if it plays for people watching my stream only or if I hear it or if it is optional as to whether I hear it as well as them.

As long as your streaming software is picking up your PC audio, the stream will hear everything from your PC.

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