Console Command

Hi, is there a !console command where it would auto detect the console your on?

Thank you

No sorry Nightbot cannot track what console your streaming with.

I’m a little curious to see how well this works. I created a couple of custom APIs, 2 (PS4 & XB1) to poll Twitch every 30 minutes for streamers who are broadcasting directly from their console, so console streamers who stream via capture card to their PC won’t/ shouldn’t show up on my list than finally a third API to check my cached results. I’m curious to know if there’s timeout errors or anything like that when using NightBot.

This should be copy & pastable for use with NightBot

!commands add !console $(urlfetch$(channel)&From=$(user)&To=$(touser))

and when the !console command is used, it should check the user of whoever was entered after the command so something like !console Tom and it’ll check for the user tom so on and so forth. Another thing to note, I’ve only been checking things on my end for the past like 2 weeks, so if a console streamer hasn’t streamer in the past 2 weeks give or take, they won’t show up on my list. API output is basic, "PS4" "XB1" "PS4 & XB1" or "unknown" Not saying this API is highly accurate as it used undocumented unsupported features on Twitchs side and I’m not sure how the server load will be handled given these can be large requests on my hosting, but figured I would release it so someone who uses NightBot can give it a try, like I said, I’m curious.