Connecting StreamTip to PayPal IPN

With, I had been able to connect my PayPal to it using IPN notifications with

I don’t see anything in Streamtip API docs with regards to IPN notification acceptance. My donation log also has nothing past March 20th (I even have an IPN post sent March 31st but Streamtip doesn’t have it in the log, so I imagine stopped accepting IPN sometime between the 20th & 31st?)

Is there a new URL to send IPN too, or is the IPN service removed with this site change?

Thanks loads in advance for the help!

Ensure you verify your Account Settings page.

Second, when you’re there, click on payments and ensure you’ve filled out your Merchant ID portion of that.

Hi, Blindfolded,

Thank you for the reply! I have already completed the additional setup on the account by adding in my Merchant ID earlier today. This is my error for talking about old logs unnecessarily, but I clearly caused confusion on what I’m really looking for.

The PayPal IPN ( is a service they offer by sending an alert to a URL you specify upon completed transactions. This is a URL that was provided on the old landing page, labelled “IPN URL.” (I cannot offer a screenshot since I cannot log into the old site any longer). This IPN URL is no longer mentioned on Streamtips, or in the development API. So ultimately, what is the IPN URL (assuming one is still available)?

You never needed to configure IPN and still should not need to… It’s autoconfigured for each transaction.

I do not use the landing page provided (, so I do use the IPN URL in order to add the transaction to Streamdonations.

It will become impossible to not use the landing page soon, as there will be an authentication system and fraud checking implemented to curb abusive transactions.

Ah! Okay then, so no more IPN URL, got it! :smile:

Allow me to give a little background for why I do not use the landing page. I have a PayPal transaction set up for an exact amount, and one can choose the quantity they desire (For example’s sake, $2.40 with a max quantity of 4). Is this a possible feature for Streamtip in the future, to be able to turn off freehand donation values and set it to a fixed value instead?

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