Connecting Nightbot between Youtube and Discord is a bit broken it seems?

So I’m part of 2 channels (mod in one, admin on the other) that have the Owner/Streamer work on Youtube, and they both have their Nightbot connected/synched to Discord via the Dashboard Integration.
Both channels are set to “Role Sync” and have their roles defined, yet when someone is added to the Moderator or Regular role on a stream (or manually via request) Nightbot doesn’t automatically up them on Discord… a mod has to give them the “Regular” role manually.
What does happen automatically is if someone is, say, a Moderator on Discord and on the owner’s Youtube channel, and that person’s Moderator role gets removed from the Stream, that person will also lose their Moderator role on Discord. That part works wonderfully.

TL;DR: Nightbot is not automatically setting people’s roles on Discord based on the Owner’s Youtube channel’s roles, despite Nightbot being Synced to both platforms via the Dashboard Integration.

Is this intended behavior or is something actually broken?

Thanks a ton in advance!

Make sure Nightbot’s role is sorted above the roles you want to sync.

Yeah that’s sorted.
As it turns out the feature does work, it just seems sometimes it can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 12 hours lol, not sure why… but hey I’ll take it :stuck_out_tongue:

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