Connect Nightbot with Soundcloud Playlists

hi - iam new to this whole nightbot thing and iam not sure if what iam trying to figure out is even possible but iam looking for a way to add songs with nightbot into an actual soundcloud playlist. so if someone uses for example !sr +sc link, the song would be added into the linked soundcloud playlist on soundcloud automatically.

i guess nightbot would need to access my personal soundcloud account the same way pages like do it to auto like/follow/repost tracks for a free download.

i would be very thankful if anyone had any input on this or just tell me iam an idiot and this would never work for what ever reason.

A feature like this is outside the scope of song requests on Nightbot. Nightbot’s song requests feature is for requesting songs to play on your stream at that moment, not for creating permanent playlists. You could build a custom API to accomplish this and hook it up to your own Nightbot commands with the URLFetch variable if you desire, but we do not have a built-in solution for this already.

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okay thats what i thought/feared - i gotta find someone who know to build this, thanks for the help tho!

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