Confused on Command

Hello and Happy New Year!
I have been trying to make a command to show how long a specific viewer has been watching the stream, where they would type “!time” and it will show how long they have been watching, is there any way that I can do this, and if so can someone please help me?
Again I wanted to say Happy New Year! and I hope everyone has an amazing year! <3


Sorry, but as far as I know, while Twitch does keep track of viewer watch time, they don’t show this information publicly in their API, and it’s infeasible for Nightbot to do this at the scale that it operates on.

On another note, Happy 2019!

Thank you so much for answering
And one of my viewers said that the command worked in a different stream but I’m sure it only displayed it on there, but thank you again for the help <3

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