Confused, "Account is too new"

A while back some of my mods hinted that I should start using BetterTTV since that would allow for custom emotes in my channel.
I checked it out and made some d20 dice to begin with (plan was to have 20x d20 and 10x d10 for a dice game in the chat).
I quickly discovered that there was a 5 emote limit, so nixxed that idea, deleted the dice emotes and instead made quite a few emotes based on my channel mascot (a polar bear/cub).

They were originally around 64px images, and scaled to 112px. These were of course rejected due to being too blurry, and I was asked to use higher resolution source images.

I didn’t have higher resolution available, but have spent the past week to redraw them in vector so that I could downscale them to 112px (and also have high res versions of them for the future).
I submitted them as they were complete, and so far 3 are accepted.
When I try to submit the latest completed one I get this message:

“Error: Your account is too new to warrant emotes at this time. Come back when you’re more established.”

My twitch account is quite old, but I only started streaming towards the end of 2015, currently sitting at just over 200 followers.
Did the criteria for submitting just jump up or is there some hidden timer connected to how many emotes you’ve submitted in total?

Requirements have increased for users whom have linked their account to Discord. You can unlink Discord from your account to reduce your limits.

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Thank you!

Is this connected to the lifetime of my Twitch account or my nightdev account?
And is there any hard numbers (I.e. followers or such) that needs to be surpassed before I can link to a discord server?

Found this post, saw @night’s response;

Thought I could unlink my Discord server, add the new emotes, then relink, but now I get “Sorry, your account is too new to link Discord.” error message.

God fucking damnit.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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