Complex Token System

Hi everyone,

I know what I’m going to ask here doesn’t exist in Nightbot yet, but I have no knowledge with programming so I’d better ask you directly.

1/ I’m looking for a way to give viewers (active or not, it doesn’t really matter) T tokens every M minutes, based on a P1 % probability. I know something similar is achievable with some other bots such as Mikua for example but it’s still very complicated to do what I would like to implement, and if I’m going to add some APIs to a bot, let’s do it with Nightbot as I already have quite a lot of commands on it.

2/ I’d like to have a few commands similar to the previous one, the idea would be to have other timers which would give a bit more tokens every M minutes, but based on a P2 < P1 .

3/ The final goal would be to let viewers use special commands in exchange of a certain amount of Tokens.

So… do anyone of you marvellous guys here have any idea of how this could be achieved :confused: ?

Thanks to all of you

Nightbot doesn’t have a token system, so this would not be possible. Usually people use a combination of Nightbot with Revlo, which you might find works for you too.

I’ll check this then, thanks a lot ^^

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