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¿Comohago que nightbot de de la hora utc a la hora del pais de quien escribe?

hola es posible crear un comando que nightbot cambie de la zona utc a la zona de quien pone el comando?

Hey @jairin_G!

Have a look here:
And it can only work if the user specify their own time zone when they call the command.

Also, please keep it English, use a translator if you need.

¿pero que codigo pongo en la parte de arriba y cual abajo?
si estuve leyendo eso

Please use Google Translate and post in English, you’re the one asking for help, I shouldn’t have to make extra efforts to help you. English isn’t even my native language either, yet I make the effort to write in English, so do it too.

For example, I understand just now that you want to compare any timezone to UTC… So please use English to make it easier for everyone, thank you.

Here’s the command, and when calling it, users will have to enter their timezone according to the documentation, so for example: !time Europe/Paris or !time America/Los_Angeles

$(time $(eval `$(query)`?`$(query)`:`Etc/UTC`) "MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a z [| UTC]Z")