!commands should default respond to !help as well

I see lots of new users to Twitch that will type !help in Twitch channels, but get no list of commands available. I mean obviously a streamer can create a !help command to say all of the commands that !commands lists. I think it should be one of the default options just due to the high amount of popular channels I see not having !help set up, but they have !commands enabled for users.

With Nightbot you are able to create custom aliases of commands. Add a new command at https://nightbot.tv/commands/custom and specify the command you want to alias in the Alias field.

I was more referring to bigger channels not creating a command for it and new users basically not knowing how to use nightbot. I can speak from experience as someone that had no clue how to see a stream’s nightbot commands for years because it’s not really obvious to type !commands instead of !help when you’re new to a channel. I personally have set up a custom alias for !commands to use !help for my channel. However, because that is not the default on other channels I feel there a good amount of casual viewers not using nightbot for their favorite twitch streamers or at least failing to use it since they don’t see the commands in an obvious area. Don’t get me wrong, I 100% think it’s a fault of the streamers for not adding a !help command or giving their viewers info on how to use chat commands for nightbot. I do think it would be a potentially helpful feature to have enabled as a default though to include !help as an alias for !commands.

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