Commands not working

nightbot is not working at all in my channel anymore its a mod this just started happening yesterday and its still not working today

Hey @deepsea_demon!

Please see Nightbot Troubleshooting, if you’re still experiencing issues let us know, but you’ll have to provide us with more details, as we can’t help if we can’t identify your issue, “it doesn’t work” just doesn’t say anything to us.

I cant use any of my commands it says nightbot is a mod in my channel but does not appear in the mods in chat as it normally would

What platform are you using?

Twitch and not using streamlabs etc. I tried all of the troubleshooting and none of it worked

If your channel is the same name as yours on these forums, Nightbot isn’t looking at your chat, are you sure you made it re-join?

It is the same name and yes i made it rejoin made sure nightbot was unignored etc

Nightbot is back so in my nightbot dashboard it never switched my name when i changed it and that was the issue thank you for ur help

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