Commands not working

So i’m on youtube i’ve added nightbot as a moderator, and it not reading my logs. I’ve made some commands using ! such as !twitter and i put the link of my twitter in were it says message, and nothing is working. If you can help thanks. and now it’s not working on discord what the hell I did all the troubleshooting nothing work

Hiya, follow the troubleshooting topic: Nightbot Troubleshooting

Did you not read my comment, i said i already did that and it didn’t work.

Well there is not much else I can say besides that topic.

If Nightbot not reading chat (and logs are empty) then it is not detecting your stream as live. Make sure your stream is live and public.

It’s not just… not working there it’s not working in discord as well

Don’t worry i found out why… ever mind lol

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