!commands not working suddenly

I set up !commands to reply with the link to my custom command page at https://beta.nightbot.tv/nutraising/commands but that link only turns into https://beta.nightbot.tv/404 when clicked.

It used to work before and I am not quite sure what the problem is.
It would be awesome if anyone could point me into the right direction :slight_smile:


!commands should already exist as a default command that provides the user with the link to your custom commands page. Since you’ve set up a custom command called “!commands” that overrides the default command, just run this in chat:

!delcom !commands

This will delete the custom command and allow use of the default command again. Then when you run !commands Nightbot will respond with the appropriate link to your commands page.

That worked perfectly!
Thanks a whole bunch for the quick and helpful reply.

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