Commands List Not Working

Hi! For the past few months Vikkstar123’s YouTube commands list has not been working. When you type !commands into chat, nightbot responds with a link that leads to a 404 error, stating the page is not found.

Luckily, the commands themselves are still working, but when it comes to managing them, it is a bit troublesome to remember everything.

Attached below are pictures of what shows up when typing the command, and what the resulting link displays. (The screenshot is from Discord as we have Nightbot integrated through there and typically manage commands that way, but it still does not work in the chat itself.)
Command Response: Screenshot by Lightshot
Link Response: Screenshot by Lightshot

Wondering if there is a fix for this? Thanks so much in advance for any help!

That command response isn’t from the default !commands command. The default !command doesn’t include a :slight_smile: which means it was created as a custom command. The custom !commands command needs to be deleted or updated.

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