!commands list blank

New to streaming, newer to Nightbot.

No commands other than !commands is working.

I have Nightbot in chat, I’m logged in everywhere, Nightbot is modded. !commands and !title work for me, but I can’t get !songs to work. When I type !commands, the link takes to a page with no commands listed. The only text in the command list is “No data available in table”

All default commands are enabled. I haven’t even thought about messing with customer. AFAIK, everything is still default.

Any ideas?

Assuming it’s your nightbot in your own chat, go into your nightbot dashboard, onto song requests, and make sure it’s enabled.
The !commands command will only show you custom commands.

Is there any way to get default commands to list?

And !songs doesn’t do anything, even with arguments added.

The example from documentation is “!songs request Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?” and I get no response from Nightbot.

You can log in to the Nightbot Dahsboard with your Twitch/YouTube account and go here to see the default commands for your channel

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