Commands for Interacting with Random Users & !wins type of command?

I’m really bad with bots, but anyway…

I’m looking for a command where someone can type something like !randomhug and Nightbot responds with: {user} gave {randomuser} a hug!

I’m also hoping to find a way to count things like wins. It’s okay if I have to personally use a command myself to have the bot add it to the total amount. I play a lot of SOS and Fortnite, so I’d like a command people can use to find out how many times i’ve won.

Is this possible? :frowning:

!commands add !randomhug $(user) gave $(urlfetch$(channel)) a hug!

!commands add !wins Wins: 0
!commands add !addwin -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !wins Wins: $(count)
!commands add !resetwins -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !addwin \-c=-1

After using !resetwins, you must use !addwin once in order for !wins to be updated to 0.

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