Commands does not work


I am using nightbot for a friend off me but some commands that i made are not working for everyone.

i did not use the -ul to make it mod or streamer only!

Can someone help me out pleas <3



Can you be more specific about “commands…not working for everyone”. Is it just certain commands/users or is it random? It’s possible that the issue is that there’s a cooldown on commands, so if someone tries to use a command that’s recently been triggered it wont work.

yeah ive readed it again but what i mean is that i make a command like
!addcom !facebook My facebook is

than i ask someone to try that command and nightbot wont response.

it has not been triggered yet

Are you positive that the command has actually been added?

The only reasons I can think of as to why Nightbot wouldn’t respond is if a) the command doesn’t exist, b) the user triggering the command doesn’t have access to it, c) Nightbot is silenced !silence off, or d) the command is disabled !disable !command false.

A) the command exist, i see it in the commands list
B) it is not been triggered yet
C) nightbot is not silenced cause other commands worked fine
D) i am gonna try tommorow cause its bed time for me now but i will try