Commands Blocked

!addcom !rank $(urlfetch$(channel)&user=xoblivious&plat=steam)

When I put this command in to get my stats/ranks for a game (rocket league). Nightbot replies with Server commands other than /me are blocked.

I just used this command on my friends twitch chat and it is working for him but when I do it it is instantly blocked

This is happening because your username is .. so the API returns the message ..'s current ranks | 1v1: Diamond II (964) | 2v2: Champion III (1385) | Solo 3v3: Unranked (1083) | 3v3: Champion II (1375)

Messages that start with . are interpreted as commands (like /me or /timeout)

So you need to either add a prefix to the command response, like this:

!addcom !rank Rocket League: $(urlfetch$(channel)&user=xoblivious&plat=steam)

Or change your username to not start with .

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Thank you so much! I did the command you suggested and it worked. As for the username with … that was well over 6 months ago but the trackers/steam still register my username as … even though I changed it. but your solution still worked so thank you so much!

In that case, if you want the command to show your new username, you can use Nightbot’s eval variable to replace .. with your new username, like this:

!addcom !rank $(eval `$(urlfetch$(channel)&user=xoblivious&plat=steam)`.replace("..", "NEW USERNAME"))

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