Commands aren't working

Nightbot is a moderator of my channel, and also shows up, on my viewers list but then when someone tries using a command it does not notice it and does not do anything, everything else is working (even the chat log). It even shows me what is the most used command.

Hey @NOM4LO!

Have a look here: Nightbot Troubleshooting
If it’s still not working, precisely tell us what you’ve done in regards to each points mentioned in the guide.

Thanks for the reply, but I have done everything,
I rejoind the bot multiple times, Nightbot is mod (it can mute,…) Nightbot is not banned, I usually stream 2h so I often restart the stream , I’m looking at the live chat, and in the chat log, are the commands entered, but no reply. The bot also counts the commands.

Hmm, this is odd. Could you try clearing your cookies and cache for the Nightbot dashboard and logging back in?

I have deleted my cookies, do you know how i can test it without starting a stream? Or is this impossible?

It isn’t working, sorry

Yes, if you are on YouTube you can only test the commands while you’re streaming, and you need to give the bot at least 5 minutes to show up.

Are you sure the custom commands you’re trying to use exist and have the correct user level? And if they are default commands make sure they’re enabled.

I still isn’t working, sorry.

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That doesn’t answer my previous question.

Yes the user level is everyone and all the commands are enabled.

Going back to this:

You answered this:

Have you also cleared your cache?

Yes I’ve done all the things, you said

Just to make sure, because it should be working, go to the dashboard, press CTRL+SHIFT+I, then right-click on the reload button and click on Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

Yes, I have done that

But it unfortunately still does not work

It looks like YouTube is rejecting Nightbot’s text with “messageTextInvalid”. Do you have YouTube native spam filtering enabled?

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Sry for the late repond, but could you tell me how to switch it off, because I don’t know how.

You can check the settings on the live stream page as well as your community settings in the YouTube studio.

This should be alright, I have also put nightbot on the list of approved users, so every message should be send