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So i have this command thanks to @potatoeaterlove when a person subs/gifts it will spam arixxsubhype is it possible for it to thank the person who sub/gifted inside the command

For example: “Jake has gifted 10 subs to the community”& the command will say thank you jake for the x amount of gifted subs arixxsubhype viceversa

Hey @Cyrensy!

I doubt Nightbot gets triggered by Twitch’s in-chat notifications, so that seem impossible.
And Nightbot can’t either be triggered if the first word changes every time.

Im using another bot to trigger it

Oh, in that case it’s different, great!

So here’s the command!

!addcom :star: -ul=mod $(eval q=`$(query)`.toLowerCase(); h=`arixxsubhype `; q.includes(`new sub`)||q.includes(`re-sub`)||q.includes(`offered`)?`${h.repeat(10)}`:` `;)
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Thank You! Emily but i’m looking for something like this see how it thanks the person for the host but instead of the host i want to do it with subs

So you want two bots to thank the person? Doesn’t it seem a bit too much?
I’d personally avoid a chat where bots tag me too much, but alright.
That should do what you want:

!addcom :star: -ul=mod $(eval q=`$(query)`.toLowerCase(); h=`arixxsubhype `; q.includes(`new sub`)||q.includes(`re-sub`)?`${h.repeat(10)}`:q.includes(`just offered`)?`Thank you $(1) for the $(5) gifted subs! ${h.repeat(10)}`:` `;)
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i can’t thank you enough emily! No i’m only using nightbot to thank the person the image i posted was something i saw in a streamers chat and i wanted to do something similar if possible

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