Command which depends on userlevel

I have 2 commands right now: “!sr” and “!songrequest”.
“!songrequest” is the default one and only moderators can use it, and “!sr” explains what to do if someone want to request a song.
I want the !sr command to work as !songrequest when a mod uses it, and to write a message when viewers use it. Is it possible?

We do have a fallback response if the default !songs command userlevel is set to a level lower than moderator and the AutoDJ userlevel is set to moderator. Anyone lower than mod will get the following message:

@$(user) -> There was an error requesting the song. Error: You must be a(n) moderator to add a song to the queue

Could the message be changed for not moderators?

Sorry, the fallback response can’t be edited.

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