Command to set nightbot chat periodically

What is the command if I want to set the channel that I mod for

  1. every 5 min, the nightbot chat like welcome
  2. give responses based on viewers chat, for example if there “GG” word in viewer chat, then nightbot will provide responses “GG, please like”
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Hey @VolZ!

For this you want to create a timer, make sure to set the interval to 5 minutes and to keep the chat lines to its minimum: 2. Please note that is the chat isn’t active enough, the bot won’t send a message.

If you already have a !welcome command, you can bypass writing in the Message box and put !welcome in the Alias box, if the !welcome command doesn’t exist, only fill the Message box and keep the Alias box empty, otherwise you’ll get an error.

Easy, create a command, like this:

!addcom GG GG, please like!

for this timer things, only the owner of the channel can do this? because I’m only moderator in the channel, seems like going to “timer” hyperlink that you provide, it goes to my youtube dashboard instead.

for !addcom thanks for the information

Ah yes, either the channel owner hasn’t made you their Nightbot manager yet, or when you’re on Nightbot’s dashboard you need to click on your profile pic on the top right corner to see the list of the channels you’re a manager of, if you select the channel owner’s you can then edit their timers.
If they don’t want to make you their channel manager, they’ll have to set their timers themselves.

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