Command to return current playing track name from foobar2000/Spotify?

Hi, I have been searching for how to create a custom command such as “!song” or “!track” for listeners to use on YouTube chat, so that Nightbot will return the currently playing track name. All I found was a similar command “!songs” which is related to the AutoDJ, which is not used in this case. A few examples of what I meant with this command from these streams: (this one even have a “!love” command to show how many people liked a track, if possible I’d like to know how to make that too!)

PS. I’m currently using foobar2000 music player.

Sorry if there is already a guide available, but I couldn’t find anything related. Would be a big help to get some insights on this!

These are probably accomplished through the Nightbot API, which can give a lot of control outside of default Nightbot functionality.

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