Command to play audio file?

I’m curious if there is a way for a command to play an audio file. Example !dududu plays Darude’s Sandstorm snippet that I have edited on my pc. Every search on this turned up results for song requests, sorry if I’m searching with wrong wording. I do not want a playlist or song request command. If this would work if audio file was hosted on YouTube or SoundCloud instead of on local pc, I could definitely upload to my accounts if needed.

no, nightbot doesn’t have such an ability to play audio files from your computer. While this could be possible with the nightbot app (it wouldn’t be possible with nightbot on the web unless the files were on youtube or soundcloud) this isn’t really a feature that suits nightbot.

What you want can’t exactly be done with song-requests but it could be close. You could make a command that has an alias of songrequesting the specific video you have uploaded, and then that plays on stream, but you would have to worry about limiting other song requests from other users.

It’s worth noting that this is incredibly annoying and is easy for viewers to abuse, so we are not interested in providing the functionality anyways. We aim to reduce spam, not cause it.

I would’ve planned a once per hour limit or longer to avoid it being spam. And a movement break to stand up is healthy once per hour when plopped in front of a computer for hours on end.

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