Command to change current status

My brother and I are trying to make a command for our stream that tells viewers the current person in our “chair” on stream.

If X is in chair when !chair is typed the message would be Chair Status: X
Is there a way we can make a command that changes the message if Y is in the chair so when a viewer types !chair it would output Chair Status: Y
We currently have a command !chair that outputs Chair Status : X then you must use !command edit !chairs (the aliased command)

!command edit !commands edit !chairs Chair Status: Y
this changes the output of !chair to show it.

Can variables be used to make this process easier so we can just use !chairY or !chairX to change the current !chair command?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Apologies for any poor post etiquette!

Yes, it’s fairly simple.

!addcom !chairX -a=!editcom !chair Chair Status: PersonX

This would be if you want a different command for each person.

Alternatively you could do something like this:

!addcom !chairupdate -a=!editcom !chair Chair Status: $(query)

Usage: !chairupdate PersonInChair

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