Command that Searches Quote via mPasteBin Doesn't Work


I’m stuck with something and I hope someone could help me with this…

I’m trying to create my own bank quotes from a famous French TV Show, following the instructions given in this topic : Command that searches a bank of quotes, like the djkhaled one, and generated random quotes from this list with a custom command.

But once I’m done and try to execute my new command in chat, it doesn’t reply with just one quote, but with an error message and ALL the quotes (until 500 charaters limit). It goes like this:

Failed to parse quotes: Unexpected token ç in JSON at position 1577: [“Ouh làlà! elle va pas me gonfler longtemps, la rouquine !!!”,"Faut faire comme avec les scorpions qui se suicident quand ils sont entourés par le feu, faut faire un feu en forme de cercle, autour d’eux, comme ça ils se suicident, pendant que nous on fait le tour et on lance de la caillasse de l’autre côté pour brouiller… Non


What am I doing wrong? What can I do to make it work?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @beckyandcloud!

It would be easier to help if you included the link to your Pastebin, since it looks like the issue comes from it, assuming it’s the only thing you modified from the command you linked.

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