Command !so custom

$so = $_GET["option"];
> $default = 'Go check out $(touser) at$(touser) and go show them some love '; 

Hello! I want to do a shoutout command or custom !so already works with the 5 friends I have in the array, but I also have the variable “default” for those who are not in the array and give them another message, only that the $(touser) does not work…


!so gusbars => Go check out my great friend who is part of our crew and go show them some love in …

!so otheruser1 => Go check out $(touser) at $(touser) and go show them some love

help:( I really appreciate the help

You’re already passing in the name of the user with <url>?options=<username> or more likely <url>?options=$(touser), so you don’t need to return $(touser) in your response. Add some conditionals for the names your looking for and format your default response with the actual data like so:

$default = 'Go check out '  . $so . ' at' . $so . ' and go show them some love '; 

Format it how you like as I don’t use PHP much these days.

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Oh perfect!!! thank you very much for the help, I did not know very well haha :sweat_smile:

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