Command showing doubles

Hello, My commands are showing up twice or more like a double line. This is only when I type in a command, it shows up as if it was typed twice as soon as command it typed. Thank you for any help.

Hey! Can you try making Nightbot leave your chat using the !nightbot remove command, then have the bot re-join, and see if the issue continues.

This is because you have both the beta version of Nightbot and the old version of Nightbot in your channel at the same time. Part one of them.

I removed bot from channel and upon further investigation it looks like i was running the beta v4 & v3. Just logged in with just the beta and it seems to be working. Thanks for the help from both replies.

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Got the same.

Nightbot v3 is not active.

Did you try typing !nightbot remove?
If you type !commands, do 2 different Url’s show up?

Did you try typing !nightbot remove?


If you type !commands, do 2 different Url’s show up?

I get it with !help (custom), then it shows the message of !help and !info

OMG… nevermind… the MSG of !help begins with !info… so it do not only show it… ihe first command is executing then ^^

all good here :slight_smile:

I just removed from each one from nightbot control panel. I then logged into just v4 beta and issue was cleared. Both were running when I looked at control panel.

This should now be fixed. Thanks.

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