Command Respones

Is there a way that i could make nightbot respond to one command with two different responses?

Like, the chat has !gems and viewers could pay with gems to do something with a command, What i need is something like this:

Mzzterr: !artrequest

Nightbot: !gems @user@

(the custom bot of the channel)
botmystic gems: Mzzterr

Nightbot: !gems remove @user@ #(running from Mzzterr’s !artrequest)#

So from just my !artrequest it says how many gems I have, then removes the gems by running the running the commands.

To sum up what i want is two responses to one command.
If i could get some help with this i would love someone forever…

Sadly no, Nightbot is made to respond once to a command. You would need to set up 2 different commands to handle it. One to check the gems and other to remove the count. Due to what you put, I imagine you understand the nightbot commands. If you need any further support, feel free to reply.

Oh, well ok, thanks for letting me know :kissing_heart:

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