@ command not working w/ BTTV

the new @ command feature doesn’t seem to work with BTTV installed. it’s a useful feature for quickly typing people’s full username without having to copy/paste and whatnot. pls have a fix soon

BTTV supports tab completion for usernames. Simply type the first part of someones name and hit the tab key. You can hit tab multiple times if the first name is incorrect.

The tab completion seems to have stopped working last night sometime. I haven’t had any luck getting it to work today either.

I cannot reproduce any issues. Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache? Keep in mind you should not type a @ in front for BetterTTV’s tab completion.

This helped a lot thank you. Just wondering though, does the tabbing through only work for people who have recently chatted?

When people chat they are added to the list. Parsing the user list of large channels can cause issues, not to mention the user list API endpoint probably cannot handle the amount of traffic needed to service all the BTTV users.

Yep I figured that was the case. I can deal with just people who have chatted though. Thanks for your help. Love BTTV and everything you guys do! keep up the good work :smile: