[command help] Nightbot counting command

I need a counting command, that keeps track of how many times another command has been used.

So say i have the command !jump (user) jumps up and down.

I would need a command that counts how many times the !jump command has been used with a text like " x people have jumped up and down"

How can I accomplish this?

!addcom !jump @cnt@ People have jumped up and down.

!addcom !jump $(count) People have jumped up and down.

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that command seems to just keep track of itself, which would mean the text would look something like " (user) jumps up and down $(count) times.

Which would mean, that everytime someone !jump, a mod or myself would have to do the !jumpcount to keep track of it.

What I want is automated, so if 10 people !jump and I only notice 3 of them, Nightbot have counted the 10 and kept track, so at the end of a stream or whenever actually, I can do !jumpcount and nightbot will tell me exactly how many have jumped during stream.

While this is not an ideal solution, one of our forum regulars @Aaron128l has come up with this solution. Hope this helps.

Yeah, I read that, but it’s not what I am looking for unfortunately.

Well then sadly Nightbot cannot help you. The way I did it was manual with no way to automate it through Nightbot. You would need external help from an IRC Client like mIRC, setting up a script for this would be your basic solution.

Yeah, I figured as much, kind of disappointing, but you can’t ask a horse to fly I guess :smile:

EDIT: I guess what I was hoping for, was someway of pulling out the command tracker, where on nightbots page it says for example " Most-Used Command: !so, 13 times " where it could check how many times a !jump command was used, witthout it being the most used.

Ya sadly that isn’t a public variable for command use, just sorta on the Nightbot index page, like a Fun Facts thing.

yeah. Some day maybe!