Command for totaling a count by more than one at a time?

I’m trying to make a set of commands with Nightbot that can add to a total number, for instance:

!pushups: show the total amount of pushups done during a stream so far.
!addpushups _: add _ pushups to the total. (mods only)
!resetpushups: reset the total to 0. (mods only)

I wouldn’t always be adding the same number to the total, so the count wouldn’t be constant. I’ve tried using something like a death counter, and I’ve tried using something like the set of !quote commands, but in all instances I have been unsuccessful.

Am I trying to attempt the impossible? Or am I just missing something?


I believe you should take a look at this post, as someone else has previously asked for help creating very similar commands to what you’re asking for.

Thank you! I’ve been looking for so long, but I guess I missed that one. And it works just like I need it to - thanks so so so much!

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