Command !filters not working completely in 4.0

when I’ll edit the whitelist filter links or blacklist of words, does not exist the command ‘’ !linktime whitelist add [specified link]! ‘’ in the variable !filters, as would be: !filters links whitelist add [specified link], in nightbot 4.0, could put him please? SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH , I’M BRASILIAN , AND I USE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR :smiley:

It isn’t possible to modify the whitelist and blacklist via chat in the beta. Our decision for this is due to the fact that it is not reasonable to assume:

  • Nightbot can post the entire list of whitelisted/blacklisted items in chat
  • Users can properly specify items to be removed from the whitelist/blacklist

okay, I to striving to help more and more like the 4.0, I really liked him :smiley:

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