![Command] Counting


I know this has been spoken about before but they’ve never touched on this topic.

How do I see how many times Nightbot’s Timers / Commands have been used by Nightbot itself and not called from a User.

An example for this is: 15 minutes have gone by, therefore my command is called by the timer (!EXAMPLE) so how can I track it from Nightbot alone?

My timer is set at 15 minutes but with a line minimum therefore I cant work it out on stream time alone.

Appreciate the help in advance.

It is not possible to figure out how many times a command has been used without the $(count) variable somewhere in the command. Nightbot only keeps track of command uses when count is somewhere in the command response. If it does have the count variable somewhere in the command that can be seen/modified on the edit view of the command.

Why do you need this info exactly?

Ok, I’ll add this to my commands.

Thanks for your help.

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