Command call another Command

i’am new to nightbot and i read the FAQ and Tutorials but i dont get it.

i have to commands

  1. !tea
  2. !tea2

if i enter !tea in my channel i want that nightbot call !tea and also !tea2. how can i do this?

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You can use aliases to call other commands. However you can only call one command and you cannot call a command that has an alias (protect from looping). Examples:

!commands add !hello Hello there!
!commands add !hi -a=!hello $(query)

Something is required in the message for !hi command so I just use a $(query), despite it having no use in the !hello command.

User: !hello
Nightbot: Hello there!
User: !hi
Nightbot: Hello there!

Nice - thanks. got this working on YTG as !addcom !snapchat -a=!social $(query)

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