Combine Multi Channel's Song Requests

Hello NightDev Community,

I am wondering if it’s possible to combine two Twitch channels together into one Nightbot Dashboard so that all the songs suggested between the two channels go into one song request queue. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how to configure it? Any help is appreciated!



The only way you could do that is by using an custom api because there is no way, as far as I know, that you could do that with the songs request on Nightbot.

Do you know how to do something like this?

The reason I’m asking is because I use Restream to stream on 3 different channels at once and I was hoping there would be a way to do this.

We’ve explored adding support for combining channels, but unfortunately it’s far too complicated to combine channels in Nightbot. It would require an overhaul of too many internal systems and isn’t worth it for the few amount of users that require it.

I would recommend sticking to one streaming site instead of multiple. It is usually beneficial not to have a divided community.

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