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I think it’s great that there is a twitch alert option that supports bitcoin, but is this the only way? It seems to integrate with coinbase, you must set up a merchant profile which includes a valid address. If I am not mistaken, this is a public profile. Not really keen on allowing people who donate to view my address. Also, I’m not an actual business so I’m not sure what sort of legal/tax implications there are. Are there other users who have chosen the coinbase route? If so, can you share your experiences/solutions.

The address stuff and such is just to verify only if you plan on accepting money directly into your USD wallet through coinbase. If you only plan on using bitcoins you do not need to do the extra steps for such verification, just the base account creation with email and name is fine.

That being said i decided to add all the extra stuff to see what would happen and what was shown on the page and it appears to be just for verification when transferring direct USD funds which is most likely required for USD transferring. You can check my page right here and see what is shown when you have gone through all that stuff:

Thank you for the reply, but I don’t think you are correct. When attempting to link my coinbase account with streamtip, it required me to set up a merchant profile (which requires a valid address and SSN). Streamtip even displays a message saying you will not be able to accept tips until you have done so. Furthermore, I don’t believe the page you linked is the sort of page that would display if you attempted to tip bitcoins through streamtip. I could be wrong, though.

For instance, I already have a coinbase account with email and name, and streamtip will not allow tips to go through on . It actually gives an error message informing me that I need to fill out my merchant profile.

Ohhh, yes i see what you mean now. My bad, i figured streamtip would only require the same things that coinbase requires (and that you were referring to the USD stuff through coinbase). It seems like from the way the page is written on that you actually need this to be completed for outside tools like streamtip to work. But im not entirely sure, i’ll do some reading up on it.

Thanks. Also, I will double check with coinbase to verify that this information is indeed public. That’s what it seems to say, but checking out a few sites that use coinbase, I’m not so sure.

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