CLR Not on Add List

Here is my log

02:33:11: CLR host plugin strings not found, dynamically loading 4 strings
02:33:11: CLRHost::Initialize() attempting to load and start the .NET runtime (null)
02:33:11: CLRHost::Initialize() Found version v2.0.50727 .NET runtime
02:33:11: CLRHost::Initialize() Found version v4.0.30319 .NET runtime
02:33:11: CLRHost::Initialize() attempting to use v4.0.30319 .NET runtime
02:33:11: CLRHost::LoadInteropLibrary() load the assembly plugins\CLRHostPlugin\CLRHost.Interop.dll
02:33:11: CLRHost::LoadInteropLibrary() failed to load the assembly: 0x80070002
02:33:39: CLR host plugin instance deleted; removing dynamically loaded localization strings

You seem to be missing some libraries. Try installing the following:

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