Chrome Webstore will not allow me to install BTTV

Earlier I was on twitch just watching some streams, then the next time I loaded a stream, BTTV was not there. I decided to uninstall the extension and go redownload it, but when I do it from the nightdev website, nothing happens, and when I try the webstore, it just says “NETWORK_FAILED”

Seems to be working for me. It may have just been a temporary server disruption. Can you try again?

NETWORK_FAILED message is a malware pushed on chrome from adb, i’ve had that before. As I don’t know if i can paste links here, you can google the same error message and you’ll get the answer. Iirc I used adwcleaner first and then completely uninstalled chrome from program files and removed the excess files from %appdata% and then made a clean install (Don’t forget if you have sync on to remove the “restore extensions” and cookies so you won’t get them back again.)

You’re mistaken. A simple reinstallation of Google Chrome fixes the issue, but it is not any indication that malware has affected your computer.

Yeah it doesn’t affect your computer only the addons. You cannot install any new addons, theme, etc and the current addons are malfunctioning