Chrome crash when opening tip sent confirmation page after confirming payment on paypal

So after I paid my tip and clicked “return to streamtip” on the Paypal page, it opened the window that confirms the tip was sent, and then all my Chrome tabs crashed simultaneously. Chrome itself was still working fine, I didn’t have to restart it and I got my tabs working fine again just by refreshing them.

In general, it’s impossible for a website to crash all of your Chrome tabs. Every window in Chrome is its own separate process, meaning every window is isolated. If I had to guess, the main Chrome process encountered a bug and caused all of the sub processes to crash. If it is reproducible, please provide steps so the cause can be isolated. Otherwise, there’s not much we can do I’m afraid.

Well, the only steps were just to send a tip, nothing more. I’ll see if it does it again next time I send a tip.

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