!cheers different between twitch and discord

so I have nightbot in discord and in a streamers stream.
when I do !cheers on stream i have “HSCheers CHEERS HSCheers”

however, in discord, I get a “CHEERS! to all my friends on Twitch CHEERS! to everyone that subs and follows CHEERS! to all that comes and hangs out with me every chance they can! CHEERS TO YOU!”

is this a preprogrammed thing? why is it different that the custom one i have on stream (same streamer and twitch)

any ideas?

Hey @djlucky0ne!

They used the $(provider) variable.

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I’m the one that set up nightbot and all the commands, so i find that hard to believe that a new streamer with no information on commands added a variable that i didnt even know existed haha. My commands all look unedited on her nightbot tv commands area. But i suppose anything is possible!

Where can i see the variable in the command? (in all of them?) the nightbot dashboard commands do not show it at all, just the simple one that shows on twitch.

I am going to get access to manager role on nightbot tv later today to investigate more.

Thank you for your time and help! I definitely appreciate it!

Is it possible that the nightbot intergrated on the discord is not the streamers nightbot but one of the mods? If this is the case that could explain the inconsistency. I’d test other commands and if they don’t exist on discord there’s a good chance this is the case.


spot on thats what happened!

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