Chatmodes werent shown


does someone know where i am able to find if r9k, slow mode, etc… is activated in a certain channel?

three days ago the infos were shown in the upper right corner of the chat window.

->do u guise know where those infos are listed elsewhere or how to solve dat problem?

They are still there on the top right of the chat box.
Here it is in sub only mode:

While here it is a slow mode for 3 minutes:

Make sure you have “Hide Group Chat” disabled or you won’t be able to see this.

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i have disabled the groupchat.

but i cant see this kind of list:

(but if i disable BTTV in my extensions i am able to see those lists)

To be clear you want to disable the hide group chat. Make sure it is set of OFF as shown in the above photo.

yeah dude,
i know.
u already wrote it :slight_smile: