Chat won't appear, either white box or odd transparency

Hello, have been searching to try get the chat working, I have followed all the steps and all I seem to get is either a mostly white background or some clippings of windows (windows 7) as shown in the screenshot. I have compatibility mode checked, I have uninstalled and re-installed clearing cookies and cache and still had no luck. Is there anything that anyone can see that I am doing wrong?

I’m not sure, as that looks like it would work. Have you tried posting over at the OBS forums?

I have not, just that it was a chrome extension from here I thought I would ask here first. Not sure if they would be able to help with something that was something of theirs.

Any reason you don’t use our OBS Chat? It’s pretty easy to setup and use. Info can be found here -

I did try it but it was not possible to only have the chat text available, you instead also had to have the twitch chat header and the text box below it also visable and I could find no way/option to change it

I am abit confused here. You can add OBS Chat as a global source so it is active over many sources. I am not really sure what you mean by the other stuff. OBS Chat is just the chat lines from your chat. I must be misunderstanding.

Uhg, my mate tried Obs Chat again, seems like when installing he skipped several of the steps to do it properly >_< can someone mark this thread as closed pleased or delete <3

all good sir. hope it is working for you