Chat not loading correctly

BTTV, Chat not loading correctly, Chrome/Win8.1,

Imgur - So this has happened to my chat…


yeah same here, twitch must have made some changes

Yeah same thing happened to me. It is more than likely a quick fix needed to be made by BTTV devs or w/e.

It just happened. Everyone in my chat is saying the same thing after they refresh. There are white lines at the bottom and its not scrolling.

Oh okay, that what I was thinking. Last time Twitch updated it was an hour or two and it was fixed, but I didn’t know when this one happened so thanks!

Twitch is messing with the icons next the name from what I saw twitch staff member say.

I’m getting a different issue but a tad similar I guess. I just signed up to this forum to share this so I can’t upload yet.


The Settings icon is no longer available so I cannot get rid of the options menu once I open it. I’ve tried clearing my browser history a few times and even reinstalled the extension a couple of times. Nothing changes.

I thought i was the only one with this issue, It’s no big deal but a little annoying. Hope it get’s fixed soon.

Unfortunately this makes the chat component completely unusable because the brilliant devs (twitch not nightdev) decided to make the menu impossible to close without clicking the gear icon. Youd’ think twitch would have moved away from horrible menu systems but considering most of their horribly retarded backend decisions it’s no surprise.


Just wanted to say I have the exact same issue.

Surface 3, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Chrome 64-bit

Also confirming here. (Ubuntu 14.10 64 bit)

It’s fixed, clear cache and refresh

Doesnt look that weird anymore, but now the emote-button is gone. Only thing I’ve seen until now.

Emote button gone for me as well.

BetterTTV has been fully repaired at this time.