Chat logs can't find the especific username I look for

Hello. When I look on chat logs, on the search bar - until some days ago - when I looked for a especific username, I was able to find all the messages that person has sent on the live chats. Now, when I type a especific username all I can find is when other people have mentioned that name on the chats. I can’t find that user’s messages anymore. Even if that user is online and active on the chat right now, it won’t appear when I look for it on the search bar. Could it be a YouTube bug or something with Nightbot?

I just double checked and it seems to still be searching correctly. We perform a full text search on messages, inclusive of an exact match on username. If the search value is in either field that message is returned in search. It’s quite possible you may need to go further back in pages or you may have not specified their exact username.

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Will show you an example. I just took these screenshots.
Here, a few min ago there was this user Diana…:

- Then if I look for her name in the search, her messages don’t show up. On the “Display Name”. Only when other users have mentioned her username, like this: - Then I tried using " " on the name and this what I got: - Maybe it’s something with the channel. Like a bug… Don’t know…Never happened before tho.

I see, you’re streaming on YouTube, not Twitch. To find a user for YouTube by “name” you have to use their channel ID (their username, effectively), not their Display Name.

I have tried in all ways but it does not work. It doesn’t find the user’s messages…It wasn’t like this until a few weeks ago, I was able to find user’s messages by writing their names like I did on the screenshot. Maybe YT did something wrong…

We did recently upgrade the database used for storing messages, but the schema by which we index messages for search did not change at all. It is possible that the old configuration was wrong, but the behavior described above is working within the intended configuration. It is possible we may be able to index display names for search too, but in the meantime using the channel ID should suffice.

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It’s possible that my Nightbot is buggy then, with the luck I have, because it really doesn’t work for me. I have tried channel ID, have tried the username, have tried using " "… When I search my own messages it returns nothing from me, only from people that mentioned my name. And my channel ID is my own name with just 2 more letters, which I didn’t find either.
Hopefully you guys can add the Display Name for search, maybe that will work again for me. I have found a screenshot from back in April where I found all the messages I was looking for by writing the user’s name and it returned the user’s comments and when people mentioned his name. If that could work again, it would be nice.
Thanks for replying.

And my channel ID is my own name with just 2 more letters, which I didn’t find either.

This sounds like you’re not searching with the correct criteria. A channel ID looks like UCSvjQBDgYDB5TGVmCZObcwA

Yes, I have tried looking for that ID for other users but it did not find anything. And some channels have a custom URL, which is what I said about my channel on the other message, but it doesn’t work too.

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