Chat code for bttv emotes blocking partner emote code in future?

Hey guys,
as I want to upload own emotes soon I want to make sure to use the right chat code for them. I know it’s a looooong way to get twitch partner, still I want to ask for me and others if the code I’d submit is in use all time, even after I deleted my bttv emotes to be able to use the code for “partnered” emotes.
To be clear: Let’s say I use the code nightKappa for bttv emotes and get partnered I’d like to use the same code for my own global twitch emotes I can have as a twitch partner. Can I delete the bttv emotes and use the code or is it blocked forever?
Or should I use NightKappa (with capital N) to be safe or even sth totally different like bttvKappa (just examples)?

Haven’t found anything in the forums about that, so appreciate your help! :slight_smile:


What code a twitch emote can have (or will have) is completely unrelated to the BTTV emote code. Twitch doesn’t care if an uploaded emote has the same code as a bttv emote and for the most part we don’t check that either.

If a twitch emote and a bttv emote have the same code the twitch emote will override the bttv emote and the bttv emote will not render.

If you delete an emote it is gone from the system, code wise and image wise and we do not take it into account for future things. So you can use whatever code you want now, and you can use whatever code you want in the future, essentially.

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You, Sir Slikrick, take that :cookie: as I really appreciate your super fast and clear response!
Have a good and relaxed day :thumbsup:

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